Replacement of the lumbar intervertebral disc

Lumbar discus prosthesis

Chronic low back pain is not a rare phenomenon in our society. It may have several causes:  overburdening on account of a hard job or bad position, lack of motion, overweight, …

However, back pain complaints may also be caused by the premature wear of an intervertebral disc and that is something patients cannot remedy.  If this can be confirmed by various examinations, it is possible to have the damaged intervertebral disc replaced by an artificial mobile discus prosthesis.

When an intervertebral disc degenerates ('wears out') too soon, the mobility of the segment (thus the movements of two vertebrae towards one another) is disturbed. The motions are no longer carried out in a normal manner and this results in pain that is felt mainly at the back of the joints (the so-called facets).

By inserting a prosthesis, the normal height and normal mobility are restored so that the facet joints are relieved and can move in a normal way, without causing pain.

The operation for inserting a lumbar discus prosthesis must be performed along the front, through the abdominal cavity.

Almost all prostheses are now covered by the national health insurance provided that the corresponding examinations have been carried out.

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