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Consulting the neurosurgery team is only possible after a prior appointment. For this, you can contact the secretariat by dialling +32 (0)53 72 43 73.

Consultation schedule

Dr. Frederic Martens   Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Morning Aalst - - Aalst Ninove -
Afternoon Aalst - - - - -
Evening - - Aalst - - -


Dr. Geoffrey Lesage   Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Morning - Ninove Aalst - Aalst -
Afternoon - Aalst - - Aalst -
Evening - - - - - -


Dr. Djaya Kools   Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Morning Aalst Aalst Asse - - -
Afternoon Aalst - Aalst - Aalst -
Evening Aalst - - - - -

Urgent consultation

If you need urgent help, your GP can take contact with the secretariat of our team or with the duty neurosurgeon.

Where should you check in for a consultation?

Upon every visit, you must first check in with the registrations/admission desk, after which you can present yourself at our secretariat:

  • Campus Aalst: block X, floor -2 (ground floor)
  • Campus Asse: ground floor
  • Campus Ninove: 3rd floor

What to bring with you for a first consultation?

  • Referral from your GP/physician
  • Identity card (eID)
  • Images from recent medical imaging examinations (MRI, CT-scan...): usually, you will receive these on a CD-ROM from the hospital where the images have been made or you may have been given an access code for consulting the images online. If so, please bring along this code.