Birthday neuronavigation
10/02/2012 15:11

16 years ago, exactly on February 7, 1996, the first intracranial surgery with neuronavigation  was conducted in Belgium, in the OLV Hospital in Aalst.

Neuro-navigation was initially considered a gadget that wouldn’t last for long, but it has become an indispensable tool in the surgery of brain tumors.

In summary, neuronavigation is  the GPS of the brain for the neurosurgeon.Through  integration of imaging and the determination in the space of the head by using cameras, the localisation of intracranial lesions can be determined with high precision.

This has the consequence that the neurosurgeon can make a smaller access through the skull and dangerous zones  in the brains can be avoided.

The neurosurgeons of the OLV clinic were the pioneers of this technique in the Benelux countries and more than 1000 procedures were performed  in a safer way.

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