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The neurosurgeons working in the OLV Hospital in Aalst are Dr. Frederic Martens (head of department), Dr. Geoffrey Lesage and Dr. Djaya Kools (permanent member of staff).

The neurosurgery department was started up again in 1990. Thanks to an innovation-oriented vision and supported by the hospital management the department was equipped with state-of-the-art techniques. These were often applied in Belgium for the first time ever. Examples are neuronavigation for the treatment of brain disorders, stereotactic irradiation (radiosurgery) and the endoscopic treatment of discus hernia disorders. By keeping a close track of and applying these innovative methods, we can perform all the latest neurosurgical operations on the brains and the entire spinal column.

Through our never ending medical efforts but also through the permanent training of our excellent paramedical members of staff in the operating theatre and in the nursing wards (recovery room, intensive care, medium care and ordinary nursing ward), our team has been able to render services to a large, ever increasing number of patients, among which very famous ones

The available techniques, latest news and practical data can all be found on our website.

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10/02/2012 - Birthday neuronavigation
09/02/2012 - Dr. Kools
01/01/2012 - Retirement of Dr. Van Vyve
02/09/2011 - New treatment options for a slipped disc : the Barricaid ® prosthesis
16/11/2010 - Technique never stops !


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