Treatment of cervical hernia by way of mobile prosthesis

When undergoing surgery for a discus hernia in the neck, the intervertebral disc is replaced through an incision made in front in the throat (this is called anterior cervical discectomy). Obviously, the hernia is also removed at the same time. For this surgical operation the operation microscope is used.

The intervertebral disc can be replaced in two ways:

  • either by inserting a ‘small fixed block’ so that the upper and lower disc can grow together
  • or by inserting a mobile discus prosthesis.

If your spinal column shows only little arthrosis, so little degeneration except for the damaged intervertebral disc, the use of a mobile prosthesis is probably the best option. This is definitely the case for younger people.

This prosthesis has the same features as a normal intervertebral disc and allows for the same mobility.

The major advantage is that the intervertebral discs of the vertebrae above and below the prosthesis are not overburdened, which is the case after the insertion of a fixed implant.

Several mobile prostheses exist, the one most similar to a normal intervertebral disc is the M6 prosthesis. Contrary to all other prostheses, it can be compressed, as a result of which is also has an impact-absorbing effect.

Not all patients qualify for the insertion of such prosthesis: when there is too much arthrosis or when the vertebral channel has narrowed, it is better not to.

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